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About Me

My background


G.A. was born in Muncie, Indiana. Started life in a rural area. Some of her fondest memories are of helping her parents with a family garden and canning corn at an early age. Times changed and work took her family to Ohio. She spent her school years in Ohio, growing up and marrying the love of her life, a local boy.

G.A. lives in a rural area, near Cincinnati, and has three adult daughters and one son, each with families of their own. She’s loved reading and story-telling since she was a young girl. Some of her favorite teachers are those that did "story time" by reading out loud each day from various and wonderful books. 

My writing roots

 G.A. has a varied love of books, adventure, history, paranormal, mystery, and yes...romance. One of her early favorites was a book by Katherine E. Woodwiss, The Wolf and the Dove (no it's not a shifter). She was hooked on romance after that book. Later she fell in love with Christine Feehan's Dark series. She’s a true fan of many writers: Eddings, Koontz, Kenyon, and of course her bestie Jacqueline Rhoades. The list could fill up volumes, as most bookaholics can attest.

My style

G.A. personally, sees her style as omniscient, but tries to limit the 'storytelling' to a single POV per scene. This is still a learning experience....


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I love to hear from readers. Please email me anytime at gahurst48@gmail.com

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